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Infrared Hot Yoga Class in Wellington

The Benefits of Infrared Hot Yoga

Yoga Students Enjoying Hot Yoga

While there are many styles of yoga, each discipline contributes to your overall health and well-being by calming your mind and strengthening your body. Whether you are new to yoga or a dedicated enthusiast, you may be quite intrigued to learn of the many surprising health and wellness benefits of infrared hot yoga.

The therapeutic benefits of heat have been well-known throughout the ages. Consider if you will, the Turkish bath, the Mayan temazcal and the Finnish sauna, all advocating the use of heat and sweat, to promote health and wellbeing. While our predecessors may have based their practices on simple observation, today we know that many of the reported health benefits of heat are backed by scientific evidence.

Taking Yoga Back to its Heated Origins

When you think about it, practicing yoga poses in a therapeutically heated environment is actually quite logical, the discipline originated in India, where summer temperatures can exceed 122 degrees.

The first heated yoga studios have been traced to the 1970s. As the story is told, a yoga instructor, intrigued by the saunas his students would take during lunch breaks, began experimenting with heaters in his yoga room. The instructor noticed that when he increased the temperature of the room, his people exerted themselves more and reported their activity seemed increasingly productive in the warmer environment.

The Benefits of Hyperthermic Conditioning

The therapeutic heat of hot yoga helps loosen muscles, resulting in greater flexibility. Exercising in a heated environment is shown to increase your endurance and stamina. The heat is believed to improve your body's production of Human Growth Hormone and heat shock proteins. These compounds lead to physical healing and enhanced muscle growth.

The Potential Health Benefits of Infrared Technology

Woman Improving Her Health with Hot Yoga

The potential health benefits of hot yoga are enhanced by the benefits provided by infrared technology. The infrared hot yoga experience is very similar to performing yoga in the warmth of the summer sun. When you are outdoors in the sunlight, you are not warmed by the heat of the air around you, but rather the infrared rays of the sun. Infrared heats surfaces that have the capacity to absorb infrared rays. With infrared heat, you experience the benefits of the sunlight without the harmful UV exposure.

There is one other important distinction between Infrared and traditional hot yoga. When practicing hot yoga in a centrally heated environment, an environment that relies on heated air; objects are not warmed, only the air in the room. The environment created for a traditional forced air hot yoga session can feel stuffy, make breathing difficult, and leave you feeling parched and dehydrated. Hot yoga utilizing infrared heat feels more comfortable and invigorating. Infrared panels disburse heat evenly and silently.

The Benefits of Yoga Enhanced by the Benefits of Infrared Energy.

The Journal of the American College of Cardiology and the Mayo Clinic report that infrared therapy improves the functioning of blood vessels, reduces cholesterol, increases circulation and lowers blood sugar levels. Some of the additional health benefits of infrared hot yoga include:

The Additional Benefits of Infrared Hot Yoga

Yoga Students Pushing Their Limits with Hot Yoga

Heat can make yoga more challenging. You will notice that hot yoga increases your heart rate. Even if you are used to pushing yourself in other yoga classes, during hot yoga, your body will typically need time to adjust to the temperature changes in your environment. Taking some time to adapt will be worth your efforts. Some of the other potential benefits of infrared energy include:

Getting Started with Infrared Hot Yoga

It is important to remind yourself that yoga is not a competitive sport, rather a personal experience. While yoga poses can be adapted for anyone who is limited by illness or injury, hot yoga may not be ideal for everyone. If you have a medical condition, it is best to consult with your healthcare provider before engaging in any new fitness program. If you choose to experience the benefits of infrared hot yoga, here are a few suggestions to help you ease into the experience:

Yoga will calm your overloaded mind and strengthen your body. The benefits of yoga can be enhanced with the benefits of infrared energy. Infrared hot yoga is therapeutic, safe and comfortable. In Wellington Florida, contact Zoia Yoga and Wellness. We offer regular and hot yoga classes taught by experienced, positive instructors. Discover how yoga can have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing.

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