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21 Day Sugar Detox Program

Sugar Detox

The 21-Day Sugar Detox is a real food reset, to help you drop processed foods, reset your taste buds, enjoy the food you eat and improve your health. You'll eliminate foods that cause sugar cravings, release the toxins that wreak havoc on your body, improve your digestion and jumpstart your metabolism.

During the cleansing process you will:

You'll follow a step by step program, with the support of our expert health coaches, intending to guide you through a proven approach to detoxing your body.

"Crystal Capo Hochman and Jhaleh Jiveh are great coaches. Kevin (my husband) and I did the program together. He didn't weigh himself, but if I had to guess he dropped about 25 pounds and I lost ten. I continue to do hot yoga at Zoia Yoga and Wellness 3-4 times a week. I highly recommend this detox. What I liked most about it, is that you are eating real food. I have a lot of sensitivities and that was important to me." - Maria N

What's included in the Detox?

Program Dates:

January 21- Prep week

January 28 to February 17~ (21-Day Detox )

February 18- Transition week

Weekly meetings (January 21- February 18th)

Mondays: 11:00am or 6:30pm

(*Meetings are not mandatory but highly recommended)

Your Investment: $125

Infrared hot yoga recommended during your program for additional cleansing and weight loss benefits.

Eat Clean Challenge

Eat Clean

This is a 10 day natural cleanse using superfoods. Unlike other programs that focus on vitamins, supplements, and a strict diet, this cleanse is focused on teaching you how to eat well with the affordable natural food you enjoy. This challenge will unleash the healing power of your body by ridding toxins that have been built up over time. You will give your body a break from inflammatory foods and cravings, while nourishing your body with a combination of seasonal superfoods in to your diet that even your family will enjoy. A customized and comprehensive nutrition plan is provided for you.

You will learn to ditch old habits, and start a new way of life!

Your Investment: $199

Infrared hot yoga recommended during your program for additional cleansing and weight loss benefits.

Reboot and Revitalize Cleanse

This cleanse program uses nutraceutical shakes and supplements along with a comprehensive nutrition plan to cleanse your system. Nutraceutical grade products are the high quality, scientifically formulated. These supplements will reduce the harmful chemicals and metals that have built up in your body over time and replace them with vitamins and probiotics. By replenishing your body, you will enhance your health and increase your metabolism to totally revitalize your body.

Your Investment: $259

Infrared hot yoga recommended during your program for additional cleansing benefits.

During the cleansing process you will:

*All programs include a personalized health plan created by our Health Consultant who will be there with you through each step of the cleanse.

Healthy Living Program

This personalized program, requires a 3 month minimum commitment and is suitable for highly-motivated people ready to create lasting changes towards their health.

Your personal health consultant will work with you to customize a plan that includes proper nutrition, exercise, self-care routines, meditation, and other personalized lifestyle techniques to get you to your goal. During the process you will radically improve your overall health and happiness.

Your Program Includes:

Your Healthy Living Investment:

$295 per month / Total of $850 for 3 months upon commencement of the program

Please contact us to discuss your personalized nutrition goals today!