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Women's Wellness Program

We believe that a woman's strength is magnified inside a strong supportive community. — Jhaleh Jiveh

A 21-Day Guide to Meditation and Energy Healing

In our daily lives, we are subjected to stresses and demands that result in fluctuations in our energy levels and moods.

Our goal for you is to feel centered, calm, and confident to live your most empowered and invigorated life.


In This Program, You Will

  • Build a consistent Meditation and Breath-work practice.
  • Balance and heal your energy system (Chakra system in the body)
  • Nourish your body with superfoods to support your mood and vitality.
  • Engage with a community of women that support, encourage & uplift each other.

Program Breakdown

Daily Online Guided Meditation and Breath-work.

Week One

Day 1-7

  • Online
  • 5 minutes of daily guided meditation
  • 5 minutes of breath-work practice

Week Two

Day 8-14

  • Online
  • 10 minutes of daily guided meditation
  • 5 minutes of breath-work practice

Week Three

Day 15-21

  • Online
  • 15 minutes of daily guided meditation
  • 5 minutes of breath-work practice

Three Socially Distanced Gatherings

First Gathering In-Studio

90 Minute Session

Goal Setting with Guided Meditation

Introduction to the program and setting individual and collective goals as a group. The session will end with light breath-work and a guided meditation to bring balance and healing to your body and mind. A great way to kickstart the program.

Mid Gathering In-Studio

90 Minute Session

Awakening Intuition:
Reiki Healing & Guided Meditation

Intuition is the language of our soul, and it’s always guiding us to our greatest good. Listening to our intuition is a skill that can be strengthened through simple techniques and exercises. This session will start with a unique powerful guided meditation and group Reiki healing, followed by a Journaling exercise to help us access our intuitive side and tap into our inner wisdom.

Last Gathering In-Studio

90 Minute Session

Sound Healing & Manifest Workshop

This Powerful session begins with sound healing using crystal bowls and guided meditation for grounding, followed by group manifestation activities. You will learn how to shift your mindset to open space for abundance as well as techniques for harnessing your feminine power to bring greatness into your life — a very beautiful way to close the program together!

Led by Experts

  • Jhaleh Jiveh
    • Registered Nurse, Certified Health Coach, and Yoga Teacher
  • Olivia Montiel
    • Certified Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda Teacher and licensed Massage Therapist
  • Niquelle Averkamp
    • Certified Reiki Master

We are passionate about creating a supportive community
to facilitate women in their inner transformation journey
of health, healing, and vitality.